Open Heart Surgery

with Franziska Guentensperger




I intend to live my life
authentically and openheartedly
and I encourage you to do the same.

By freeing ourselves from restrictions and old agreements, we automatically reconnect with
our heart.

When we live with an open heart there are no limitations and life has
a wonderful unique purpose.


Are you...


Ready to reach higher, realise your full potential and tap into the light within?

DONE WITH FEELING empty, MISUNDERSTOOD and living closed hearted?

READY to experience the world through knowledge of energy and intuition and apply it practically to your every day life?

Or/and ready to deepen and build your trust, faith and intuition to awaken to the even greater magic that life has to offer?

Unique Uganda
Retreat 2018

December 01 - December 14, 2018

Join us for an amazing end of year get-away to the wonderful surroundings and awe inspiring scenery of the African heartland.
This is your chance - Yoga and Mindfulness Amidst the Wild Lands and Waters of Uganda in Eastern Africa -  
 including a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe the incredible mountain gorillas in their natural environment
in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and an unforgettable Safari
in Queens Elizabeth National Park.



Work With Me

Find out how I can assist you in your Open Heart Surgery


Intuitive readings

Clarifying authentic guidance, support and ongoing practical tools to work with for your specific concerns and your current life, that enables you to take the next step forward.


A program tailored to your own needs, lasting between 6-12 months and working towards the manifestation of the fullest version of yourself, privately and professionally. 

Energy healing

A profound holistic and transformative hands-on healing session that reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental, and karmic/genetic level.


Workshops & Classes



A safe and nurturing platform to share, to connect with people, to open up your heart
and simply be yourself.


Powerful classes for balance, well-being and self-transformation for everyone.


Internationally certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher Workshop

Internationally certified Magnified Healer and Master Teacher Phase 1 Workshop

After having left a very demanding, full time, corporate career to take time off to just ‘be’ and decide my next move, I met Franziska for a couple of Intuitive Reading sessions out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised to find Franziska with candid, compassionate, practical insight, which provided me with encouragement and confidence to take the next steps towards my journey based on my own inner voice. Although intuitive coaching doesn’t give you the silver bullet magic solutions to all of your “problems”, I feel it provides something better – the beacons that light the path that you choose to take based on your own inner wisdom.
Franziska is the real deal, you won’t be disappointed.
— Ana, Australia