Intuitive Readings

In need of clarity and understanding?

Stuck in patterns and finding yourself always in similar situations again?

Want to take the next step in your life / business direction but don’t know how and what exactly it is that is calling you?

This powerful 60 minute individual session will bring understanding and awareness into your life. You will receive clarifying authentic guidance,
support and ongoing, practical  tools to work with for your specific concerns and your current life.

Our lives are directed mostly through subconscious “root motivators” that are adapted over time through experiences, our own conditioning and the influence of our environment. Through coaching and intuitive guidance, we work with your energy systems. This includes subconscious beliefs, past experiences, programs/habits and undischarged tensions or frozen states in the nervous system.

Bringing them into your awareness opens up the opportunity to balance and reprogram them. This allows you to get clear about your true calling
and your passion, to live a self empowered, balanced, and open hearted life, thriving with passion, joy and clarity, manifesting your bigger visions professionally and personally.

Intuitive Readings are available in person or via Skype.


  • Distant phone reading 60-75 min
    including digital recording emailed
    US$ 122

  • Face to face reading 60-75 min
    digital recording
    US$ 133

    For special price packages contact me.

*US$ prices apply to international clients.
CHF prices on the German page.

Franziska is a remarkable person. She has the gift to communicate the messages in an unambiguous still sensitive way. What I most appreciate about the cooperation with her are the very specific tools she provides that help me in my process. She is a great support in a challenging time. Thank you from the depths of my heart, Franziska!
— Patrizia, Switzerland
Franziska’s Reading sessions and teachings bring me back to some fundamental truths. She provides me with affirmations, new ways of looking at situations and clear relevant guidance, focusing on the heart space and remembering our divinity.
Namaste, in gratitude Yolanda.
— yolanda, Australia