Energy Healing

Stuck with bodily symptoms that don’t want to leave?

Feeling drained and low in energy and not balanced emotionally?

Ready to go to the root cause of the symptoms?

This is a profound holistic and transformative hands-on 60-75 minutes individual healing session that reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental, and karmic/genetic level.

By accessing the subconscious “root motivators” and energy systems - including subconscious beliefs, past experiences, programs/habits and undischarged tensions or frozen states in the nervous system – we can naturally heal, balance and reprogram these motivators with your own intuitive intelligence.

During the treatment a unique and powerful combination of intuitive guidance and varied modalities including Energy Healing and Kinesiology is applied. Each session is deeply relaxing, gentle and yet very potent, done on a massage table, fully dressed.

These treatments are complementary and supportive for those undergoing medical treatment, during pregnancy, for the elderly, children and also animals.

I recommend starting with a course of 3 to 6 regular sessions followed by additional sessions according to your needs.

Energy Healings are available in person or via Skype.


Distant Energy Healing + digital 'integration' recording emailed
- 1x 50 minutes session US$ 105
- Package 3x 50 minutes session US$ 270

In-person Energy Healing
- 1x 60-75 minutes session US$120
- Package 3x 60-75 minutes session US$ 315

Special price packages are available for treatments over a longer period of time.



*US$ prices apply to international clients.
CHF prices on the German page.

Having suffered with a pain in my lower back/ hip area I decided to visit Franziska for a healing as I felt the pain was more of an energy blockage. Franziska did an Energy Healing for me; I was astounded by the strength of the energies. It cleared away a lot of negative energy within me. After the session I felt a massive release and in the subsequent days the pain I had experienced dissipated. Franziska your healing work is powerful; intuitive; I am very grateful to you for helping me. I would highly recommend Franziska to anyone on the path of self-awareness.
— Bernadine, Ireland
Living in LA, I’ve come across many “healers” but Fran is the real deal!! I’ve had Energy Work and Readings with her and they have really helped me to shift energy, patterns and to see things more clearly . She is amazing!
— Tonya, California, USA