Ashtanga Yoga

Classes are given at yoga centres or in the privacy of your own home for 75 minutes.

Ashtanga yoga is an ancient system of yoga that was taught by Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta. This system of Yoga was imparted to Sri T. Krishnamacharya in the early 1900s by his Guru Rama Mohan Brahmachari and was later passed down to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. The Institute is currently run by his grandson, R. Sharath Jois.

It is a powerful and transforming method that uses synchronization of breath and movement in a progressive series of yoga postures. This process produces internal heat and a purifying sweat which detoxifies muscles and organs. You will enjoy improved blood circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm, clear mind. 

Traditionally, Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice and is taught ‘Mysore style’ which means that you practice at your own pace under the guidance of a teacher. Asanas (postures) are given to the student one-by-one in sequence, when the body is ready and at the teacher’s discretion. 

More information regarding the practice is available on the official Mysore Institute site:

Contact me to receive the schedule for next class/course or to arrange one for your group/class.
Private Classes are available on request.

Yoga for Children and Teenagers

Through classes and workshops for 3 to 18-year-olds, we “play” Yoga together.

Children are exposed from a very young age to social and physical challenges or conflicts, often becoming even more challenging as a teenager.

A dedicated and intentional Yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioural guidelines and physical postures, can be incredibly valuable for them. Yoga is something children can practice anywhere. Further, breathing and concentration exercises, poses and the way kids learn to act and/or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness. And, yoga is portable and no mat, no special clothing or special pillow is absolutely necessary.

Additional benefits that children and teenagers experience having a regular yoga practice include:

  • Enhanced physical flexibility

  • Developed balance and coordination

  • Strengthened focus and concentration

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

  • Strengthened mind-body connection

Contact me to receive the schedule for the next class/course or to arrange one for your group/class.